The Shed Shop


Choose from a stock shed or design your own. We will build to your design and color specifications.



Examples of Shed Designs

10x12 Side Gable

10 X 10 Box Eve

10x12 dbl french door

10x14 12x12

10x14 Side Gable

12x12 with porch

12x16 with Dbl. 8' doors

12x20 wood frame

8x8 with Box Eve

10x16 with Shingle Roof


12x20 with Steel Frame

12x24 Sec. 8' door

10x16 Hardi T-111 & Shingle

8x10 steel

8x10 Galvalume Steel Roof

10x10 Hip Roof

Steel Frame Interior


12x30 4' porch

12x24 Hardi-Stucco

Lofted Barn

10x14 12x12

6x18 Lean To

12x24 porch

12x30 Hardi Plank - Porch

Concession Stand

10x16 Cedar Porch

8x12 60" door with widow


12x30 with porch

12x24 Sec. 8' door

12x50 with roll up

8x10 wood steel

6x18 Lean To with Steel Roof

12x24 Lumberjack 8' studs

12x24 Side Gable with Boxed


Double Wide Installations

Factroy Delivery

1st section 24x30

Joining Section 2

10x14 12x12

Joining Section 3

Competie floor


Outside double car garage

Sectional Garage Door Opt.

Delivery Section 1


Transfer section 2


Ready to join

8x10 wood steel

Adding Section 3


Finish flooring